United States, USA based Goa Trance eventMidwest Annual Goa Experience - Midwest Goa Trance EventPsychedelic Trance in Iowa

Subconscious Collective and friends present Mage3 (M.A.G.E. III : Integration), goa psychedelic trance midwest event
Last update: March 14th, 2006

April 28-30th, 2006
45m south of Des Moines, Iowa


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Goa Trance party flyer front

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Celebrate the start of the summer festival season with an ignition based with the passion of the element of Fire! This festival takes roots from the Keltic Fire Festival of Beltane. In this tradition, step through the twin fires of psychedelic trance and electronic dance music to be reborn from the darkness of winter.

In support of this journey there will be 2 stages of the mind-blowing electronic music, interactive visuals, decor to celebrate the seasons, workshops to enhance the soul, and a tribal drum circle with fire performances to explode the spirit! As well as what you bring to share!

Opening ritual begins at 8:30, with music starting at 9 PM Friday - ending sometime Sunday afternoon. Gate opens for camping setup at 2pm April 28th.

    Psychedelic Trance / Chill Stage

  • Mubali (live/DJ) ~ Trishula Recs, Germany / MoE ~ San Francisco
  • Paradigm ~ Mindfunk Records / Geomagnetic / DEA ~ San Francisco
  • Brain Lizzard ~ AUM ~ Asheville, NC
  • d.N.x, (a.k.a. Dan Efex)~ Nepol Records / danefex.com ~ Chicago
  • Vax ~ Ataraxia ~ San Jose, CA
  • Luna ~ Ekstasis Dance / GSC ~ Vancouver
  • Solus ~ Ekstasis Dance / Oracle Gatherings ~ Vancouver
  • Kaiser Soze & S.O.T. ~ Touch Samadhi / Chilluminati ~ Milwaukee
  • Derby ~ Touch Samadhi / Chilluminati ~ Chicago
  • Freedom & Shagee ~ Esoteric Generation ~ Fayatteville, AR
  • Underfoot ~ Audiognomes ~ Madison
  • Toki ~ Audiognomes ~ Madison
  • Deep Fryer ~ Esoteric Generation ~ Fayatteville, AR
  • Clandestine ~ Cicada Rhythm - Kansas City, Mo
  • Airyck ~ Subconscious Collective ~ Marion, IA
  • Collision & AKTIF ~ MindOutpsyde ~ Marion, IA
  • Dj Polaris - Psytopia Collective - Austin, TX
  • STD: Dev - Independent - Chicago, IL

  • Electronic Dance Music Stage

  • Curtis Chip ~ Zod ~ Milwaukee
  • Elekid ~ One Man Army/HardKore Nrg/Audio Intellect ~ Chicago
  • Julie Winters ~ Sssence.com ~ Springfield, Mo
  • Reaktor ~ Subconscious Collective / CNS:IRQ ~ Ames, IA Unknown Territories
  • Murdoch ~ Trailer Park Prod ~ Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Kernel Scurry ~ Subconscious Collective / LilDevilNoizeLab.com ~ Chicago
  • DJ Sharlo ~ Trailer Park Prod ~ Iowa City, IA
  • photovore09 ~ moonbass / SubColl ~ Minneapolis
  • Jack the Lad ~ Subconscious Collective ~ Iowa City, IA
  • Digitize ~ Independent ~ Des Moines
  • tomG - BASSIC Productions / BASSIC.net / tomG.us - Iowa City, IA
  • JGAMM ~ Subconscious Collective ~ Iowa City, IA
  • Dj Tactix aka Scott E. ~ Iowa City, IA
  • forcedperfect ~ Moonbass ~ Waterloo, IA
  • Zach Douglas ~ Snuffalufagus ~ Marion, IA
  • Frankie ~ Independent ~ Iowa City, IA
  • Mustafa a.k.a. Kloshar ~ Eurotrax Productions ~ Ankeny, IA
  • Angel_Lily ~ Independent ~ North Liberty, IA
  • Six22 - LilDevilNoizelab.com - Minneapolis, MN
  • Steve-O - independent - Marion, IA


    - An ecstatic dance journey -
    Join Luna and Solus on a rhythmic journey through sound, movement and breath to release the blocks that keep us from our living in our true ecstatic nature.

    Ecstatic dance is both a spiritual and healing practice in which we move the body to release tension, explore expression, and feel emotion - all to remember a state of wholeness.

  • Sunrise yoga workshop by Hoeken

  • Sunset meditation workshop by Bubbles

  • Metamorphosis Sacred Touch
    Metamorphosis Sacred Touch is a a combination of some of Iowa's best massage therapists united with the natural healing of the beats. You never know quite what to expect as there are 2 to 6 massage therapists that may be working toward your stress relief & relaxation. Our intent is if in your given environment you can use the body to get past the mind and reach the spirit that we can bring about a harmony from within our small self that will ripple into the world - spreading love, hope, and health to all.

  • Bodypainting by Glenda Lotuseyes

  • Tribal Fire and drum circle with:

  • Open Marketplace to be held during the day for all kinds of toys, jewelry, hula hoops, bags, belly dance equipment, dream catchers, fire tools, etc.

  • Bring hoops for hoop jammin'! All performers are welcome to display their skills throughout the weekend.

Pricing Structure will be:
    $25 to March 31
    $30 from April 1 to April 25
    $35 at door if any left

    purchase tickets

    There will be an additional $5 fee per car for parking due at arrival to the location.

    This is going to be a limited capacity event due to parking. Carpooling is a necessity, as well as buying tickets early to insure entry! By buying tickets early you are also helping to support this event's creation!

    This is a three-day camping event in rustic rural location with a large hill for the stage and a breathtaking view. Portapotties will be provided, come prepared for cool evenings. Bring enough food to last the weekend, drinks, drums, didgeridoos, toys, water, containers for water/chai,rain warm clothing, tents, radio (tune into channel 99.9), open mind, and lots of smiles! Do NOT bring glass bottles, illegal substances, fireworks, firearms, or bad attitudes . enforced by our friendly security staff. Creative dress is highly encouraged!

    This is a community event organized by us and created by YOU. We are just the vessel; you are the passengers to create a temporary autonomous zone within the heart of the Midwest!

    This is a Leave No Trace event. Respect the Land and take out what you bring in! R.O.A.R. in effect!



    305th St At Pheasant Run Trl
    Peru, IA 50222

    location map use this to get to 35N if coming from south of Des Moines or 35S if coming from the north.

    coming in on 35 S or N take the Truro exit #47 and
    head towards Truro -- should be heading west...
    keep following G68 through Truro ... past the Kum n Go and straight through town....
    pay close attention to speed and follow all stop signs...
    also make sure to keep sound down when driving through these towns...
    keep going on G68 towards Peru...
    take a right at the stop sign... on your left will be a gravel road with a blind children sign..
    if you take that road you are going the wrong way... stay on the paved road...
    once you get into Peru take a left at the stop sign onto Odell Ave..
    then an almost immediate right onto Brown St...
    this will turn to gravel and also into 290th st...
    keep going until you reach a Y in the road... take a left onto Clanton Creek Trl...
    follow this around for a few minutes and then you'll come to another Y..
    turn left onto Pheasent Run Trl...
    the entrance will be directly next to the Y on Pheasent Trl road...

    Blessings and safe travels!

For more information or other inquiries about Mage3 please send us an e-mail: