United States, USA based Goa Trance eventMidwest Annual Goa Experience - Midwest Goa Trance EventPsychedelic Trance in Iowa


Ames, Iowa (USA)
October 23rd, 2004
9 pm to noon

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    Midwest Annual Goa Experience

This is the annual event to celebrate Goa and Psychedelic trance. This event will run from 9pm through noon the next day!

MAGE is a true community event put on and aided by the DJs who are donating their time and money to put on an event rarely seen in the Midwest. Logistics will be supported by Subconscious Collective and the vibe by you. Come forth to be entranced and go to that special place beyond your soul for one special evening. Costumes and blacklight sensitive clothing is encouraged!

Your Shamanic guidance for the evening is provided by:

  • Vax - Ataraxis Collective - San Jose, CA

  • Freedom & Shagee - Esoteric Generation - Fayetteville, AR (3 hour tag set)
  • DJ Storm - PTLF - Milwaukee
  • Kaiser Soze - Massive / PTLF - Milwaukee
  • S.O.T. - Touch Samadhi / PTLF - Chicago
  • Dr. Mindbender - Technomaha.com - Omaha
  • AstrlVapor Sioux City, South Dakota
  • DreamSequence - PTLF - Champagne, IL
Interactive Projected Visuals by:
Infoline: (515) 830-1511 Flyer Design:

For questions about the event, please contact: mage2@goaspirit.com
Information and directions around the time of the event can be found at: www.goaspirit.com

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